How to Register


To register with a journal, click the Register link on the topmost navigation bar.Fill out the ensuing form. All fields with an asterisk (*) beside them (Username; Password; Repeat Password; First Name; Last Name; Email; Confirm Email) are mandatory.You will be unable to change the username after registered, but able to change all personal information at a later date.

You may be able to register as a Reader and an Author. All you have to do is check the box next to each role available to you. End the process of registration by clicking the registration button.

Log in

To log in, click on the Log inbutton next to the Register link in the top of navigation bar.Fill in your Username and password.

View and edit your profile

To view and edit your profile, log in and click Edit my Profile link on your Homepage. You can update your email address and change your latest personal information here.


To submit an article, select NewSubmission link on your homepage.The following are five steps in online submission process:

1. Step 1 - starting the submission

The first step contains information about the privacy statement and the journal’s copyright.If configured as required, the author must agree on the journal's copyright policy. You can add comments in the available columns that the Editor can see. Move to the next step by pressing Save and Continue button.

 2. Step 2 - uploading the submission

Article submission:the second step allows to upload your files, generally document files in Word format (.doc; .docx).Locate the file on your computer and upload it. Then click Save and Continue.

 3. Step 3 - entering the submission’s metadata

In the third step, you will be asked to enter all relevant metadata. Automatically, author information will be visible if there are multiple authors for filing an article.Then their information (those authors) can be added by clickingAdd Author button. Next, enter the title and abstract of the article. Press Save and Continue.

 4. Step 4 - uploading supplementary files

This step is optional, if you do not want to load the file again, then just click Save and Continue. If you have supporting files, such as research instruments, data sets and more, you can add them here. These files are also indexed by authors, who identify the relationship of supporting files with articles that have been submitted as well as their ownership. Additional files can be uploaded in any format and are available to readers in their original format. Find the file you want to send, upload it, click Save and Continue.

5. Step 5 -confirming the submission

This final step contains an overview of the articles you submit. Click Finish Submission button.As writer, you can see the 'active article' you have sent on your User pageand can follow each process.


  • You can add supporting files (attachments) in your Submission document section at any time. After the completion of the review process, you will get the acceptance email notification and have the opportunity to revise the article before layouting process.
  • You will be prompted by email to follow the link provided and check your documents.
  • Upload the revised version document and click the emailsymbol to complete the process.
  • Finally, you have the opportunity to check the layout version of your article. Follow the link provided in the email and finish it by clicking on the symbol.